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Do I need to rebook every term ?

Yes, Please advise the office that you wish to ROLL OVER to the next term. This is the time to also advise of any changes that you may require eg: change of day, moving to afternoons etc.

Will I always have the same teacher/class time etc.

We will try our best to keep you with your preferred instructor however changes may be required when your child goes up a level or if the instructor changes their availability.

What if I want to cancel my lessons ?

Please advise the office. You may be charged a cancellation fee. No refunds are offered however we may be able to hold a credit for you to use at a future date.

How often should my child come to swimming lessons ?

The best results are gained by attending swimming lessons once a week (minimum) on a year round basis. This consistency allows confidence, strength and retention of skills to be achieved. Winter is a fantastic time to add a second lesson per week. A second lesson per week is offered at a cheaper rate.

What should I bring to swimming lessons ?

We provide all the equipment your child need to successfully participate in their swimming lesson. Just bring you togs, towel, something warm in winter or those cooler days and goggles if required. (Please remember that instructors will remove goggles for some activities during the class). Children under the age of 3 are required to wear a swim nappy.

How do I find out if my child is progressing?

Swimmers are regularly assessed and moved through our 6 swimming levels as they master certain skills in each level. Our super friendly staff in the office are happy to answer your questions. They can also talk to your childs’ teacher about more specific topics and if need be, contact you back or ask the teacher to contact you.