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Our infant program starts with a gentle introduction to water at 4months and continues to age 2 ½ -3 years. Skills are learnt through games and songs. Classes are structured according to individual skill level and age. Through education and repetition your child will develop early safety skills and a love of the water. 

Learn To Swim

The first step in learning to swim is to be relaxed in the water and only then can important primary skills be learnt. Our unique 6 level program is designed to see swimmers build on skills and to develop new ones as they progress through each level. Along with formal swimming strokes, safety skills form an important component of every lesson.

Stroke Development

Our stroke development program has 3 ability based levels. These levels are designed to develop correct technique and endurance as strokes and skills are added into each level. On completion of the final level, swimmers will be proficient in all strokes, be able to perform racing dives, turns and understand the basic rules of competitive swimming.


Once your child has completed our stroke development levels they are introduced to our junior squad program. Squads provide an opportunity to strengthen technique in all four strokes and to be able to hold that technique over longer distances. As a member of squad your swimmer will understand training etiquette, experience teamwork and develop a life long love of swimming. Squad swimming will prepare your swimmer to compete at school swimming carnivals, surf clubs, tri-athlons and competitive swim clubs.